Let Your Dog Shine!

Sundog Sports is here to support Chicagoland area dogs (and humans) who want to explore the fun of scent detection! We're excited to help you build the bond with your dog through this fun sport, and to help you become a successful team that can tackle any search challenge. We're open to those who want to play the game for fun as well as those competing through the highest levels of NACSW, UKC, CWAGS, and AKC venues.

Start a new hobby or take your teamwork to the next level using unique, specialized methods that build exceptionally strong skills while keeping the game fun! With techniques that draw upon proven canine learning and well established scent detection search mechanics, we help you reach your goals. Learn to read your dog accurately, get the skills you need to truly trust them, develop a strong and accurate alert, and become a fast and efficient team.

Whether you've got a wall of ribbons or only heard about nosework yesterday, we are here for you! This is the place to be if you want to take your teamwork and success to new heights, or have been struggling to overcome certain challenges. And don't be shy if you're new to the world of competition sports, or want to just try a fun new hobby activity out with your dog - this sport is about having fun with your dog and learning to be a great team, no matter your experience or wish to compete.

Why make your dog a Sundog?

Motivation and drive. Focus. Accuracy. Efficiency. Being able to trust your dog without question. Having a blast doing nosework because you've got incredible teamwork... and so much more!

Our philosophy involves mastering the three major components of successful nosework: first, that the dog WANTS to play the game; second, that they actually know the rules of HOW to play; and third, that you and your dog have SOLID TEAMWORK! This builds a rock solid foundation for long term success - critical to making sure that you and your dog can have fun and enjoy success in the sport together.

We use both methods learned from experienced professional trainers and handlers as well as Single Pass Searching and other new methods we've developed to solve problems and improve success. Extensive experience training, volunteering, judging, and competing in the sport itself means that we're always working on our skills and learning how to help you improve even further.

We work with all breeds and mixes, ages, abilities, experience levels, and personalities. That goes for the dogs as well as the humans!

We work with owners to bring the best out in their pet, empowering you so that you can successfully work with your dog in a variety of search situations. We build success, competence and independence.

You will do well, see your dog achieve great things, and feel great about the way you got there. Have fun and let your dog shine!