A little dog named Brio got me started down this whole path back in 2008. Brio is responsible for getting me into dog training as well as the veterinary field, being a very challenging puppy physically and mentally. After teaching agility at a local facility, I was finally introduced to nosework, which was a lifesaving sport for someone who had a border collie with a typically brilliant brain but hips so bad that running, herding, or agility was not an option.

After having worked in the training and veterinary worlds for a few years, I finally opened my own business in 2013. In the past three years I've focused more and more on nosework, as I've fallen more in love with it over time. I've been blessed by the opportunity to work with many trainers who have taught me an incredible amount about dog behavior, cognition, and humane approaches to obedience and sport work. Lisa Bataska and Suzanne Clothier have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today, along with Don Blair of CIA K9, a professional detection officer to whom I owe much of my competition success.

I never grow tired of seeing teams become successful and have fun with each other, whether they're "just for fun" hobbyists or serious competitors. I'm always on the hunt for more effective ways to train the sport, better equipment and methodologies, and credit my drive to keep learning with my own - and my students' - successes. I use proven techniques and my understanding of canine cognition to make smooth-running, happy teams that have fun together, are confident in each other, and achieve great things.

I am a certified judge for UKC and C-WAGS and currently compete in NACSW and UKC. I am owned by my two amazing rescue dogs, 12-year-old GSD mix Bravo (NW1) and my young sniffin' prodigy beagle mix Zelda (NW2). I also had an amazing journey with my pit mix Spike who earned his ELT1 in June 2016 just before crossing over the rainbow bridge.

- Tiger Paton