One on One Training

We offer individualized, private training that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. This is an excellent training option for both new and experienced dogs. Whether you want to get the right start, improve motivation and odor obedience, troubleshoot skills so you can improve more effectively, or simply have some fun with your dog, one-on-one sessions are extremely helpful. One-on-one training offers several advantages including:

One on One Sessions are $100 for a single session or $350 for a 4-session package. Fees are per visit, not per dog, so feel free to work multiple dogs or bring a friend over and split with them! 10% off for all rescue dogs.

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Real World Meetups

Join us for some fun "out on the town" and hone your teamwork in a variety of real-world environments. Classes are held in several locations across the northwest suburbs and are open to dogs of all levels working on birch, anise, and clove. UKC and CWAGS odors will also be included as needed. Test your skills and learn to work in a variety of new places and novel distractions! Here's just a sample of possible meetup locations:

Meetups are generally held on Sunday mornings from approximately 10:00-11:30am, weather and schedule permitting. There is no charge normally for Meetups but a small fee may apply to cover entry for locations that are not free to use.

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